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What Is The 90-Day Content Marketing Challenge (Will You Do It?)

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When you’re trying to make a big impact with your content in a short amount of time there is one trick you can pull – the 90-day challenge! I have watched content marketing personality; Miles Beckler go from zero to hero relatively quickly and it all started when he began a 90-day challenge with his video content on YouTube.

He didn’t stop at 90-days though. He had gotten himself into the swing of things and gathered momentum, so he went 120 days posting a new and original video to YouTube every single day! Now he is one of the biggest names in content marketing and an online business influencer.

The more I thought about it, the more it made sense. Below I explain some of my reasoning for endorsing this idea.

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To Build Up Your Content

Delivering brilliant content to your target market is what you want to do. I know we all have tons of very useful nuggets of information that we can share and this is what you need to do. High-quality and consistent content-marketing is what I  preach to my clients and that’s what this challenge is all about (in an extreme way).

Before long you can go from zero traffic/views/followers to amassing a considerable amount of attention using this technique.

Quantity vs Quality In Content Marketing

I am a big advocate of creating one really great piece of content a month, over creating thirty mediocre pieces a month. People like Brian Deane do profess that this is what we should be doing to rank high on Google. His ‘skyscraper technique’ is famously effective and is based on the theory of taking the best result on Google for a given keyword, then building a post that is at least 10x as good and far more valuable to readers – therefore very likely to outrank all the competition (with the right promotion).

So, why am would we be doing the opposite of this great technique? Well, I would suggest to never ‘post for the sake of posting’ – this is something I’d be very conscious of.  You don’t want to fill your blog/channel with fluff posts, that are bringing no value to the visitor. It’s imperative that each post is packed with useful information and as comprehensive as it should be. This is what makes this whole thing a “challenge”.

At the end of the 90-day challenge and when the dust settles a bit, you can review your analytics and see if it might be more beneficial to amalgamate some of the posts that are relative to each other, to create super blog posts. Where posts are just missing page one on Google and could combine to be a better result for searchers.

There are also plenty of benefits to doing a 90-day challenge. Like the below.

The Compounding Value of Content

In theory, the more subjects you cover and the more keywords you optimise for, plus the more original content you share on social media – the more chances you have to get clicks, links, and shares.

If one blog gets 2 website visitors per pay, then by the second day you’ll have 4 visitors, on the third day you’ll have 6 visitors… and so on. Eventually, this will lead to more social media shares, plus more email list sign-ups and it will all start compounding, in theory.

It’s a good theory and it has been put into practice by many people, just search “90-day content challenge” on YouTube to see the results. It’s not going to be easy and it will take some clever thinking to extract as much value as possible.

You Need To Be Prepared.

Do your keyword research,  noting common questions from business owners and bloggers, plus reference insights on what sort of content is being most shared on certain subjects using a tool such as Buzzsumo. This is all to be sure there is a demand for the posts I’m planning to write.

I now have a spreadsheet with my first dozen or two topics and I’ve begun writing notes on a lot of them to get me started. I will be drafting some sub-headings (my h2 tags)  in advance, based on keyword research, again, to get me off to a good start when I sit down to write the post.

Forming Positive Productivity Habits

It takes 30 days to form a habit, I have several habits to be formed here – with regards to my daily routine, fitting in time to create original content for myself, on top of my work schedule and family life. Then to promote the content across all social platforms – while making sure to maximize the use of each platform.

By the end of the 90-day challenge, I hope to have set into a very productive routine.

Growth On Social Media As A Result

Because content creation is only one part of any content marketing strategy, I will have to promote each blog, every day.  Apart from preparing the posts with the very best SEO practices, I will be using social media to promote my blogs – because what is the point in putting all this effort into creating my epic blog posts and not pushing them out to the world.

Being consistent on social media and being active are without a doubt the best ways to grow your channels. So, my Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+ and Twitter will be getting serviced very well and I expect them to gain some traction on the back of that.

I’d also expect to see decent email list growth. Statistically speaking, the more traffic my website receives the more people will sign up for my email list. Another nice side-effect.

Building Authority In The Marketplace

The more people I can help by sharing all the knowledge I plan to share, the more I’ll become known as the guy who knows about content marketing, SEO, WordPress and so on.
All going well and there’ll be several benefits of being in a position as an authority on these topics, both online and off-line.

Content Creation Efficiency

Coming up with standard procedures to write high-quality posts in a shorter amount of time is always something I strive to achieve. It’s good business sense, given that it’s what I do for a living. What better way to do that, than to apply some pressure on myself!

It also means being consistent and reliable for my audience.

Would you do a 90-Day Content Challenge?

Do you need a bit of kick up the back-end, like me? Are you thinking about getting your YouTube channel off the ground or struggling to push your Instagram numbers up – it doesn’t have to be blogging – a 90-day challenge seems like a fantastic way to build some momentum and fire your online presence up, quickly!

I’d love to hear your opinions in the comments below – and if you’ve any tips for me, please (please!!) let me know in the comments!

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