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Ian Booth


Hi! I’m Ian Booth—an SEO Specialist based in Co. Meath, Ireland. As a digital marketing professional since 2014 and an SEO specialist since 2017, I have a depth of experience driving high-quality traffic to business websites. When it comes to driving calls for your service business or driving online sales on your e-commerce site, I have experience at the highest level. I’ve studied user experience design and digital marketing at 3rd level and am currently a Senior SEO Specialist with the international award-winning digital marketing agency; Wolfgang Digital—where I help the team to deliver a world-class SEO service.

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Aside from being an SEO nerd, I have also been known as a DJ, music producer and remixer from the naughties era of techno-trance. You can find some of my music and mixes on most music online streaming platforms.

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